Defi decentralized financial systems, like borrowing by using clever contracts without the need to borrow the previous system. The essence of a third party reduction. This year is the start of a rapidly growing defi where many defi attracts investors and crypto developers to make everyone compete to find the best investment in the defi system. Defi systems enable the cryptocurrency user to gain a higher advantage because the user can faster perform interactions and interactions using wallets or dapps, no face-to-face.


DEGO = Lego

Lego is a sort of device of prepared blocks. Chunks of bricks referred to here are defi protocols.

Lego=DEGO Protocol

Defi protocols like stable coin, flash Loans, DEX exchanges, derivatives, insurances.

Where the keystroke of one stone in the shape of another block makes the building stronger and sturdier. Dego will build a new Dapps by combining the layout of legos or defi protocols to increase the defi. Where if new defi protocols are combined well, the creation of high-quality defi protocols, the more combinations are made will reinforce the new project into more quality. This combination will attract more investors and developers than ever before.

DEGO and DeFi combination

DEGO will soon issue Yield Farming, Yield Farming is liquidity mining which is the topic of conversation and it turns out that there are many enthusiasts among crypto users. DEGO uses a deterministic algorithm in Yield Farming. Where this is the first mining in the new era of the DeFi world, it is almost the same as the mining system in bitcoin. By looking at the potential development of DeFi where there has been a recent coin price, namely YFI, that exceeds the price of bitcoin, the new Dapps is a very profitable combination and will change the future for the better.

DEGO will soon test Yield Farming via the Ethereum network. With this article, I hope you can know and participate in this project.

DEGO is also a governance token where everyone can participate in DeFi and be part of the DEGO ecosystem that is spreading around the world. With the new innovation from DEGO, it is one of the successful developments of DeFi in the blockchain world and encourages a growing decentralization.


DEGO DAO is made to be run by a clear and transparent community that functions to support the growth of the DeFi DAO ecosystem and encourage maximizing decentralization.

Introduction of Token

  • Token supply : 21, 888, 888 DEGO

Launching DEGO on DeFi could trigger crypto investors or developers to work with us to create another combination of innovation and decentralization. So that the community is made easier in transactions via blockchain and leaves the traditional system that takes time, effort and money. This DeFi protocol arrangement is a very important mission to maintain the DeFi value.



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