KingSwap (A new evolution in the DeFi world)

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is an application that uses smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain network to get loans in the form of crypto assets with the guarantee of other crypto assets at stable prices (stablecoin). Smart contracts are a special (programming language). Programmers can use that code to create applications that run completely on a decentralized blockchain network.

The number of developments in the DeFi world makes DeFi’s crypto market cap $ 12.06B, you can see it on coinmarketcap. all compete to attract users to increase crypto assets.

The DeFi protocol is a specific standard for uses such as decentralized exchanges (DEX), debt markets, derivatives, and on-chain asset management. This standard can be implemented as a smart contract and can be used by all users. For example, KingSwap DeFi which provides new evolution from previous ones such as UniSwap, SushiSwap.

DeFi protocol problem

KingSwap Solutions

KingSwap is almost the same as UniSwap or SushiSwap. KingSwap is the newest collection of DeFi liquidity platforms by developing solutions and innovations from previous DeFi liquidity platforms.

Liquidity is a term that describes the ability to buy or sell an asset in the market without causing major changes to the asset price. there are always investors for those who are willing to transact and easily convert them into cash (third party filter).

KingSwap provides the convenience that the blockchain community in the DeFi world needs. The convenience provided is to facilitate the conversion of the cryptocurrency off-ramp to FIAT with debit cards on the Visa and Unionpay networks. KingSwap is a legal entity that has a clear and structured legal structure according to regulations. The KingSwap team is fully responsible for the $ King that we entrust to $ King holders.

$ King WHAT?

$ King was created in exchange for mining liquidity and as a medium of exchange provided from KingSwap. $ King holders also get KingSwap perks and benefits and can participate in other ecosystems.

KingSwap allows its users to generate income by farming (Yield Farming) or Staking UniSwap or SushiSwap Liquidity Pool into the KingSwap liquidity pool. Yield Farming is using the DeFi platform to maximize the rate of return (Rates of Return) on the assets you own. Staking is the act of changing cryptocurrency to receive rewards.

Total supply of $ King, smart contracts will be released once the public sale begins (soon).

KingSwap NFT

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographic token that represents a unique asset, serving as proof of authenticity and verifiable ownership in the blockchain network. NFTs have the potential to become one of the key components of a new digital economy powered by blockchain. KingSwap has three levels of NFT:

For more information contact, if you have one of the NFT tiers you can enjoy $ KING token loyalty rewards!

Download it at

From the 3 levels of NFT above, we can get privileges and special prizes from KingSwap. The $ 10,000 King Prize has been prepared to give to the liquidity pool adopters and providers. KingSwap also awarded $ 10 million in King to LP and NFT holders.

With this article, it is hoped that everyone will understand that KingSwap is a DeFi protocol that has a legal structure according to regulations and provides an easy evolution in converting cryptocurrency to FIAT. Hopefully, it will be a big profit impact for users who are involved and can apply for the blockchain community in the DeFi world.







Writer: jaga.lilin999



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