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Blockchain consists of a combination of two words, namely block which means group and chain which means chain. The naming reflects how a blockchain that uses computer resources to create blocks connected to each other for the purpose of executing transactions works. As the name implies, blockchain is a chain of sequence blocks that are assembled and distributed together. Each block consists of a ledger and three elements: data, hashes, and digests from the previous block.

The type of data used on this technology depends on the purpose of the blockchain itself. For example, in bitcoin the block data contains all transaction details, from the number of coins, the sender, to the recipient. Hashes contain data in the form of signatures or fingerprints or signatures. The hash is used to identify the block and its entire contents in a unique code. The hash of the previous block is the part that carries a trace of previous information while securing the blockchain chain. Blockchain is a new technology developed for digital data storage systems. This technology is connected through cryptography and its own use cannot be separated from bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Games are one of the tangible manifestations of the use of technology. It can be seen that the development of games from year to year can be seen to have a very significant impact on society. From the understanding of blockchain and games above, there is a development with the term blockchain games. Where the series of transactions that occur in traditional games will be changed to the blockchain. This facilitates the transaction process that is already connected to one block with another connected block.

Blockchain Gaming Issues

In the world of blockchain, especially in gaming, many people use this technology to the fullest. For example, gamers’ awards from the games they play, from tournaments and from achievements for good games in the game. The benefits obtained are more given to game developers without thinking about game users, especially income. And the transaction process in the game still uses a lot of traditional methods.

Metakillers Solutions

Here Metakillers created the project by combining blockchain and gaming in one platform. where looking at the very significant development of blockchain as well as the increasing number of game developers. The team wants to allow gamers to earn income from the game, not just waste their time in playing games. Gives worthy rewards to gamers who are professionals in the games they play.

From this project, Metakiller will provide many advantages in playing games. Later in the game we can have assets, prizes, NFTs and many other advantages. For sure this is a welcome one.

Metakiller will make an RPG game, where later there will be a large selection of games that you can try according to your game character. To support the ecosystem within the platform as well as build projects, Metakillers created $KILL tokens with smart contracts 0xdf3584186da63f59a44e802e2cc059cb87126c70. Where this token will be used as a means of game transactions, marketplaces, and so on.

Fundamental Metakillers:

  • Metakillers Staking (Staking Pool & Farming)

The above is the priority project target, to make this project successful and grow. With the ability of a team to forgive and follow good blockchain regulations, Metakiller has been very rapid in completing the step by step of the targeted project. It can be seen from the roadmap on the official Metakillers website. The blockchain used on the platform and the $KILL token that Metakiller created, is built in the Smast Contrac (BSC) Blockchain. This blockchain is very easy to use and cost-effective and many other advantages include the top blockchain users.

More details about the fundamentals of Metakiller and Token $KILL can be seen on the Metakillers and Whitepaper websites.


Metakiller wants to make a difference with the existence of blockchain gaming, for gamers who do not benefit from the games they play. Metakiller will reward gamers accordingly for the skills and expertise of gamers in playing the game, from PVP or PVE. As well as the owners of $KILL assets and also nft holders get the corresponding profit. So that game consumers and developers are mutually profitable, there is no longer an advantage next to the party. Where in essence this platform can generate from both parties from the features that Metakillers have provided. As the author, I am very happy to promote this platform and hope to enjoy the game from the Metakillers platform soon.

Web: https://metakillers.io/
Medium: https://metakillers.medium.com
Telegram: https://t.me/Metakillers
Twitter: https://twitter.com/metakillers
Github: https://github.com/metakillers
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/metakillers
Discord: https://discord.gg/AwbREGyU
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metakillers
Contact: info@metakillers.io

Bitcointalk Username: Jaga.lilin999

Profil Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2758993

BSC Wallet Address: 0xC2F6F1933EBbdf41590d06e90B426D08e29CaD73



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