Santa coin rewards its users in $BUSD, Crypto Pegged one-to-one with USD

Meme coin is a coin inspired by a joke that comes from the Internet and social media. The first and most popular coin in kripto industry was dogecoin, a cryptoasset described by the shiba inu dog created in 2013. In the beginning, the doge COINS themselves were made as a travesty. As time went on, dogecoin became one of crypto’s assets. Most of meme’s coin was a spin-off form of dogecoin, though to this day no other token or coin of meme had gained greater popularity than dogecoin. The fact is, according to the data the market has, there are over 5,000 token and coin meme. That number, of course, will increase over time.

Often, the option of these token and coin meme is considered merely a practical joke. Yet, many investors believe that such coins should be treated like any other cryptoasset. Many of these tokens or COINS have begun to achieve considerable success in the trading market of crypto assets.

Evergrow coin is the first newly launched cryptocoin coin that provides kripto’s passive income in a busd stable coin (1:1 patented with usd) to maximize their passive incomes in crypto for the present & future. Because the market is low, if the buyer manages to hold 1 trillion egc and the evergrow coin market cap even reaches $500 million in market capitalisation in the future, the holder can obtain $4547 per day or $1.66 million per year on the average volume of 5% per day.

Evergrow coin adopted a new defi tokenomics standard with innovative, intelligent contracts that changed the game. Smart contracts are simply programs stored on blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are fulfilled without intermediaries or time constraints. Based on blockchain binance smart chain (BSC), each trade in evergrow is taxed and used to finance pastime revenues and advanced mechanisms such as buyback & burn automatic from the market and to increase liquidity in the decentralized market.

Coin meme problem

The lack of features for the ecosystem of meme coin that they created, this presents a problem for the community. Especially for the token holder. The advantages granted by meme coin’s project were so inattentive to its token and community holders that many interested people grew bored and abandoned meme coin’s project.

Santa Coin Solution

Santacoin is an evergrowcoin branch. Santa coin was created to provide the awards and features that communities and users need. Santa coin grants reward to busd holders, this is a new strategy that makes Santa coin an excellent competitor. Santacoin also makes up a dapps platform to make trade for ecosystems easier, the given feature:

  • Game

Santacoin has an anti-whale system, where santacoin has a maximum jump sales of 0.2%. I think it would be best to avoid manipulating prices played by the Pope or a very large token holder. For the safety of the coin, dentacoin also locks in liquidity. Dentacoin also takes advantage of transaction fees to be included in the liquidity pool in the pancakeswap.

Santacoin also makes a game to play to earn, where users can profit from a game they win and get to santacoin. Santa F1 is a game that is fully owned and bought and sold by players.

Santacoin token created on the network (binance smart chain) SantaCoin has total inventory
of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 SANTA. 45% will be transferred to the pre-sale and initial liquidity. 50% of tokens are sent to burning addresses, 3% to founders and teams, and 2% to airdrops.

  • 8% of the coin trade goes back to BUSD holders every 60 minutes.


  • September 2021
    (Conceptualization, team assemble, Litepaper)


Santa coin was created to award the user and coin holder via the platform. This is the first time a coin that creates innovation and solutions to promote ecosystems in the blockchain primarily takes one. It is hoped that awards and dapps platforms made it possible to make the world more accessible in the blockchain.

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